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About Iwatani



We, Iwatani Corporation (Europe) GmbH similar to our head office Iwatani Corporation in Japan are established interdisciplinary and are active in various fields. Please see a brief introduction of the respective business fields below:



Research and Development Equipment

The Iwatani Surtec Industrial Process Simulators are research equipment, which allows laboratory scale simulation of annealing and (hot dip) coating processes occuring in production lines.

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Energy Division

As an LPG total integrator the Iwatani Group is strongly involved in the gas-related business by importing/storing/placing in reserve and supplying LPG nationwide, and boasts the volume of wholesale and retail figures in Japan. At the same time, the Iwatani Corporation has developed diverse household items, such as hose-less tabletop gas cookers “CASSETTE-FEU” and gas canisters “Cassette Gas”, or even electrical cooking appliances and other household products, in which Iwatani Corporation (Europe) GmbH in Germany has been focusing its business and engaged in the last decade.

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Ceramics and Materials Division

The Iwatani Group has established its position as a manufacturer in niche markets, emphasizing precision tools for the environment / medicine, particularly in the electronics field. For functional plastics, sales are expanding for PET plastics and functional films / sheets are in development. For resources and new materials, progressive investments are being made in resources development overseas, particularly Australia. We at Iwatani Corporation (Europe) GmbH are focusing and widening our scope of business on rare earth and other raw materials, metals and ceramic refractories.

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Industrial Gases & Welding Division

We are involved in a wide range of high pressure gases, including liquid hydrogen, helium, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide gas, including mixed / semiconducting / medical gases. We provide total solutions for gas manufacturing / refining / filling / transportation equipment, and gas storage / supply / consumption / application / elimination / recycling equipment and extremely low-temperature equipment. We were the first in the world to successfully establish technology controlling high-concentrated ozone. We have a strong record in disaster prevention equipment, desulfurization, denitration / decarburization equipment plants, centered principally on use of gas technology in the power industry. We handle welding and fusion gases, welding materials, and welding / fusing equipment. We also contribute to increased industry productivity through FA-related robot systems, aiming at reducing energy and human labor, and laser or plasma processing machinery.

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Electronics & Machinery Division

The Iwatani Group is world-widely supporting the equipment infrastructure for an advanced technology-based IT society through processing and production equipment for the manufacture of laminar ceramics electrical components, optical pickup or camera module assembly / testing devices, as well as assembly / testing / trial operation devices or pre/post-processing devices needed in semiconductor manufacturing. As a system integrator, our group uses own unique know-how, expert professional knowledge and engineering capabilities to supportmanufacturing in various frontline environments, whether for odor-removing or environment-related devices, process machines for foods and medical manufacturing, FA-related equipment such as powder molding devices, welding equipment, sheet metal machinery, and machine tools supporting manufacturing for automobiles, home appliances and construction. We, at Iwatani corporation (Europe) GmbH in Germany are also especially involved in nano technology with our cutting-edge know-how focusing on the fields of automotive, fuel cells, solar batteries, semiconductor, medical and pigments.

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In the field of food products, in addition to frozen foods processed overseas such as frozen vegetables, fruits, prepared foods, meat-based products and marine-processed products, the Iwatani Group also handles all kinds of food products, including canned, agricultural stewed and processed products. In the health industry field, the Iwatani Group is involved in developing and selling health supplement foods such as our "Suppon Soup" and "Suporiki" using soft-shelled turtles from Kumamoto, and our brown rice dark vinegar from Kagoshima, "Genmai Kurozu". In the field of livestock, the pig-raising business has a top share in Japan, and in addition to the sale of pig-raising equipment and materials, in the agricultural field the group is developing the sales operations for gardening equipment, agricultural machinery / equipment, farm storage equipment, farming houses and equipment for transporting flowers and ornamental plants. For our product line-up in Europe, please follow the link.

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News 28.04.2015

Company relocation

We are pleased to inform you that Iwatani Corporation (Europe) GmbH will be relocating to Königsallee 60D (Kö-Höfe) in 40212 Düsseldorf on April 29th and April 30th, 2015. ...more

News 06.02.2014

New Plastic Materials

From now on offers Iwatani Europe finest Terramac materials. Please check out our products range: plastics ...more

News 03.05.2012

Iwatani Corporation and Hydrogen

Iwatani Corporation establishes Solar Hydrogen Station...more