Ceramics & Material

Not everybody moves to the beat of the same drum. Individual’s need differ. We place more importance on novel and innovative ideas than other companies do. This makes us what we are. We believe it is our job to indentify the customer’s needs, and to supply raw materials and products to meet those needs. Not only this, we believe it is also our job to provide creative ideas. We love it when our customers slap their knees and exclaim “I didn’t know it could be done like that!” 

Why not see what solutions we can provide for you.

It takes more than just good materials to make good products.
This is where Iwatani’s expertise comes to the forefront.

We have the ideas and the technology to help create the best products from the best materials. It is our global mission to make the most effective and environmentally responsible use of the earth’s limited resources.

We, at Iwatani Corporation (Europe) GmbH have been focusing on the following fields:

> Resources & Advanced Materials

> Refractories & Ceramic Tiles

> Metals

News 28.04.2015

Company relocation

We are pleased to inform you that Iwatani Corporation (Europe) GmbH will be relocating to Königsallee 60D (Kö-Höfe) in 40212 Düsseldorf on April 29th and April 30th, 2015. ...more

News 06.02.2014

New Plastic Materials

From now on offers Iwatani Europe finest Terramac materials. Please check out our products range: plastics ...more

News 03.05.2012

Iwatani Corporation and Hydrogen

Iwatani Corporation establishes Solar Hydrogen Station...more