Electronics & Machinery

As a system integrator, Iwatani uses unique know-how, expert professional knowledge and engineering capabilities to support manufacturing in various frontline environments, whether for odor-removing or environment-related devices, process machines for foods and medical manufacturing, FA-related equipment such as powder molding devices, welding equipment, sheet metal machinery, and machine tools supporting manufacturing for automobiles, home appliances and construction and our partners are continuously involved in the field of nano technology with advanced flow chemistry, having attached prime significance to the applications of automotive, medicine and industrial ceramics. 

Having attached prime significance to the automotive, medical and ceramic applications, Iwatani and our partners are also involved in the field of nanotechnology with advanced flow chemistry. Our newly developed micro flow reactor, ‘ULREA SS-11’, enables the nano particalization of materials such as metals, pigments, oxides, drug substances and others easily. 

> Micro flow reactor ULREA SS-11

> Consulting for the Japanese market

News 28.04.2015

Company relocation

We are pleased to inform you that Iwatani Corporation (Europe) GmbH will be relocating to Königsallee 60D (Kö-Höfe) in 40212 Düsseldorf on April 29th and April 30th, 2015. ...more

News 06.02.2014

New Plastic Materials

From now on offers Iwatani Europe finest Terramac materials. Please check out our products range: plastics ...more

News 03.05.2012

Iwatani Corporation and Hydrogen

Iwatani Corporation establishes Solar Hydrogen Station...more