Making Hydrogen Energy Society Reality

Since 15.1.2011 Iwatani Corporation is cooperating with the Fukuoka Prefecture and the City of Kitakyushu in Japan  for the project "Hydrogen Supply - Utilization Technology" (HySUT), working on the proof-of-concept of a Hydrogen Energy Model Town called "Kitakyushu Hydrogen Town".

Steelworks producing hydrogen as a byproduct supply the city with hydrogen utilizing a 1.2km pipeline.

Pure Hydrogen Type Fuel Cells set up in ordinary homes, commercial and public facilities generate electricity and hot water.

The world's first "Hydrogen Town" became reality.


1 Home Center 2 Fuel Cell (1kW, 1pcs)
3 Fuel Cell operated forklift 4 Low pressure hydrogen
  --- filling dispenser
5 Hydrogen 6 Hydrogen odorizing facility
7 Hydrogen Station 8 Fuel Cell (3kW, 1pcs)
9 Kitakyushu Urban City Highway 10 Space World Train Station
11 Fuel Cell supported bicycle 12 Hydrogen Supply Pipeline
13 Fuel Cell (100kW, 1pcs) 14 "Inochinotabi" Museum
15 Eco House 16 Fuel Cell operated home
--- Fuel Cell (1kW, 1pcs) --- Fuel Cell (1kW, 7pcs)
17 Solar Cell Panel 18 Battery
19 Bath House 20 Fuel Cell (1kW, 1pcs)
21 Higashida Eco-Club 22 Fuel Cell (1kW, 2pcs)
23 Hydrogen Supply Pipeline 24 Pure Hydrogen Type Fuel Cell


No.13 Fuel Cell for No.14 "Inochinotabi" Museum
No.16 Fuel Cell operated home
No.16 Fuel Cell (1kW, 7pcs)

News 28.04.2015

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