TERRAMAC is bio-based material manufactured by Unitika Ltd.
Main ingredients of TERRAMAC are annually renewable resources such as corn. Therefore, TERRAMAC is attracting much attention as a plastic material with low environmental load. TERRAMAC is already supporting your life as various shapes such as resin, film, sheet, non-woven, filament for 3D printer, etc. You may not recognize it, though.


3D Printer Filament
3D Printer Filament

The demand for filaments used in 3D printers has been increasing both in industrial and consumer applications. The interest in diversified materials is also rapidly growing. With Unitika’s state of the art technology in PLA compounding and monofilament spinning, TERRAMAC high transparent filament is available for additive manufacturing which requires reliable printing performance and clear objects. For filaments made from other materials, we are open to listen to user’s requests.


Resin pellets
Resin pellets

Through a unique polymer compound design, heat resistance properties, and durability technology, we are continuing to develop and expand the application of this material to be used in industrial structural material such as electronic hardware, office automation equipment, and automobile parts. By further improving the rheological characteristics of the polylactic acid we hope to apply our technology and knowledge to use in foam sheets, extrusion molding, and blow molding.


Available in two types, namely a rigid type with high transparency and a flexible type, which are used in a variety of ways for packaging, paper lamination, compost bags, and agricultural uses.

Application examples of TERRAMAC film

Vegetable packaging
Compostable garbage bag
Transparent envelope window


TERRAMAC products are also being developed for use in the field of sheet products as an alternative to petroleum-based plastics. Centered on products with short life-cycles, we are continuously carrying out the development of products, utilizing their ease of vacuum molding and high level of transparency.

Application examples of TERRAMAC sheets

Transparent containers
Paper laminates
Container and wrapping for food products


These are long lasting non-woven products with outstanding uniformity, flexibility, high-strength, and stable dimensions. Their use under natural environment conditions or being placed underground will eventually lead to their degradation, meaning they are an ideal material for use in agricultural areas, and are developed based on the needs of the horticultural, construction and related industries.

Application examples of TERRAMAC non-wovens

Shopping bag
Weed control sheets
Vertical drain

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